Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay is the signature experience when visiting Freycinet, and for good reason. The sand is literally squeaky clean, the water is trademark East Coast azure, wildlife is abundant and the history is just tarnished enough to offer some dramatic effect upon arrival at the beach.

We can suggest a couple of ways to see Wineglass Bay.

The easiest, and most luxurious way is to join Wineglass Bay Cruises  for a trip around to the other side of the peninsula. No walking, warm all day, lunch is included and there is a bar on board.

If you’d like to stick with land-based methods, you will need to break out your sneakers or walking boots. The lookout walk is 3km return and will take you about an 1 hour and ½ to get there and back.

Allow a little more time if you are aiming to reach the beach, and be sure to pack water and lunch. It would be a shame to reach that delectable beach and feel rushed to leave again because you are hungry. Walking straight there and back will take about 2 and ½ hours. Add 40 minutes to walk to the end of the beach and back. We do recommend you plan to take some time to savour the experience.

There is one more option; if you would like to combine the land and sea travel.

Freycinet Aqua Taxi  offer a transfer from Coles Bay, down to Hazards Beach. From there, it is a fairly short walk across the Isthmus track to Wineglass Bay.

For maps and comprehensive information on the walks in the area, we recommend taking a look at the Freycinet National Park Website.