East Coast Wine Trail

The East Coast Wine Trail is filled with delightful places to stop and enjoy some Tasmanian wine, and often enjoy a delicious snack as well.

The most convenient Vineyard to Coles Bay is Devils Corner. Boasting one of the most iconic views of the peninsula, across Great Oyster Bay, looking directly at the Hazards Mountain Range. You can taste the wine, order Pizza and Villino coffee from Tombolo, or enjoy some seafood from The Fishers (Freycinet Marine Farm).  We’ve lounged on the lawn for many a blissful hour.

Very closely nearby is Freycinet Vineyard, who make one of Tasmania’s most well known and favoured Pinot Noir.

A little further South is Milton, with “Sophie’s” serving up deliciousness on daily through the warmer months. And Craigie Knowe in Cranbrook, of particular note is the fact that Craigie Knowe have a tasting option pairing their wine with chocolate. Always a winner!  Gala Estate, also located in Cranbrook is another completely delightful stop.

Springvale, is just past Swansea. The property is one of the oldest on the coast and is completely delightful, and if you are stopping in, you can also sample some of their award winning gin – It’s really Splendid!

Continuing further south along the East Coast Wine Trail, you will find Apsley Gorge VineyardDarlington VineyardBoomer CreekKelvedon Estate. Not all ofthem have Cellar Doors, but thankfully, you can enjoy most of them at  The Farm Shed (Wine Centre) in Bicheno if you are happy to explore just a little north.